Micket won Startup Knight competition

Micket a (company I started back in 2010) recently won the Startup Knight competition hosted by Byte Orbit and Standard bank.

When did you start Micket? How long was it in development before launch?

Micket started in the summer of 2010, after meeting an event organizer from the Netherlands, Menno Zweers who was bringing to South Africa, P.O.D – Payable on Death band. Winston Nolan (my twin brother) started Micket with me. He is the Magento developer behind many award winning eCommerce websites, whilst I handled the infrastructure, server side of Micket. Robert Adams a mutual friend helped us with the Java and Android development.

We spend more or less a year on development, mostly all the work was done after hours and what free time we had.

How many people currently work on the project?

Currently it’s only me, now that we have Byte Orbit as a partner, we are looking to add some more people to the team.

What's been the biggest challenges?

Honestly, the biggest challenges was and still is, the monopolistic, anti competitive state the ticketing industry finds itself in. No matter how hard we tried exclusive contracts that some vendors have with the Venues and the Organizers does close the door on new business like Micket.

The P.O.D show had to change it’s Durban and Cape Town venues, Cape Town, could not change to the Grand Arena for example, because Computicket had an exclusive contract with Grand West, which meant that all the tickets already sold for that venue had to be refunded and resold via Computicket. It was a mess. In the end the show did not work. Some local organizers did try to save the tour, but it was in the end too late, and the P.O.D tour was cancelled.

Another huge challenge was and still is Merchant fees. We are with Standard bank and their 5% Merchant Id fees on transactions are simply too high for low volumes.

How is it different from something like Computicket

The difference between Micket and Computicket for example are like night and day, the only thing we really have in common is, both of us sell tickets to events. Micket is fast, Mobile, we are Green, we dislike queues we do ticketing in a new way, a smarter way.

.. and is the market big enough to support competition?

Computicket and all other Ticket vendors are not our competition, currently they are their own worst enemy. We can help them get fit and fast again, we can deliver their tickets to their customers in a matter of seconds.

The only bad competition is no competition.

How has it changed from the original vision?

Micket has changed considerably not only in software versions but also the technology that makes up our software stack. Looking at all the problems within the current playing field, we had a great time fixing and finding solutions to the problems. version 1 would basically look like Usain Bolt’s head without a body.

What will the extra investment from Byte Orbit mean?

I have had a look at the work that Byte Orbit produce and it’s of a very high quality and standard, they have some great talent working for them.

Often when working on a project such as Micket, with only 3 developers, you often think pleasantly of what you can do with a team of experts like yourself, how quickly you can roll out new features and how really awesome it would be for the fans going to these concerts to not wait in queues and to not miss a concert, making it effortless to get your tickets.

What are the plans for the future?

We have such great plans for the future, the Byte Orbit team have really made some stunning suggestions and we are eager to get things going, we do rapid development projects all the time for major business in our day jobs anyway, so it will be refreshing and really liberating doing it for Micket.

We are also looking forward to working with current Ticket vendors to help them overcome the challenges that comes with the needs of a digital generation.

Micket - Winner of Byte Orbit's Startup Knight competition

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