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I was born in South Africa, having lived out my child hood in Mpumalanga, and later, after school moving to Cape Town.
In 2013 I spend 6 months in Porto, Portugal and some time in Qingdao, China.
Currently I am living in Berlin, Germany with my lovely wife and son.

My interests are: Cloud Computing, Automation, Nature, Light and Space.

Riaan Nolan
Riaan Nolan


AWS, Cloudformation, ELB, RDS, Elasticache, S3, SQS, SNS, IAM, VPC, Route53
Puppet Automation
Cloudflare and Cloudflare APIs
PHP5, Nginx, Apache2, Tomcat
Monitoring, New-Relic, Rukus, Nagios, Icinga, CheckMK
Magento, WordPress
Linux - Ubuntu, Debian, Centos, RedHat, Gentoo
Team Lead, Management and Business Development Support roles
Budgets, KPIs, Procurement & Contract negotiation experience


Riaan is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever worked with.
He has great knowledge of all the aspects of modern IT infrastructures, he is an outstanding AWS Cloud architect and remarkable Puppet expert.
But, most of all, Riaan is a great person, an unique gem that can shape, drive and motivate a group, the kind of colleague you always want to work with.
Alessandro Franceschi - Founder and CTO at example42

Riaan is the most talented SysAdmin/DevOps engineer I have ever worked with. His quick whit, mind, intelligence, skills and ability to keep up with me made us a power house duo that I sorely miss. The amount of work we managed to accomplish in our 2 years together for foodpanda GmbH is astonishing.

Riaan’s skills range from working with server hardware, networking, puppet, AWS, Cloudformation and his passion to ensure that the modern mentality of ‘infastructure as code’ is a reality make him an asset for any company.

If anyone is looking for a hard working, quick and reliable engineer then this is your man.

Jürgen Weber - Infrastructure Lead at Foodpanda

RRiian experise was absolutely crucial in moving whole company infrastructure to AWS and thanks to his hard work it was sucessfull. Beside that, he always was willing to help, and also great teammate that I enjoyed working with.
Kamil Biela - Senior Developer at Foodpanda

I had the pleasure to work with Riaan at Rocket Internet South Africa, which I was heading at that time. Rocket Internet is a startup incubator that launches several e-commerce ventures every year and Riaan was the senior system administrator of one of our ventures.

Riaan was one of the best hires we ever made. He is very skilled and energetic, solves any IT problem and is exceptionally reliable. In addition to keeping the IT in his fast growing venture up to speed, he helped out on other ventures (partly in his free time). Riaan is very well respected at Rocket and colleagues go to him with all their problems. He can translate complex IT problems in plain language so that non-IT experts – like myself – understand them.

When Riaan left the venture that he supported for almost a year, we made sure that he stays within the Rocket Internet family of businesses. I hope that he stays for a long time with our organisation as he is exceptionally gifted and a very good fit. I would recommend Riaan for any similar position. Do not hesitate to contact me for a reference.

As you can tell by now, I am not a native english speaker. There is no hidden code in this recommendation. Riaan is an exceptional person and employee.

Dr. Hendrik Harren - Rocket Internet South Africa

Riaan has been leading the system engineering department of Zando in Capetown since the beginning of Rocket Internet GmbH’s activities in South Africa. He was mainly responsible for the setup and maintenance of Zando and 5rooms.

Riaan is a very experienced system engineer and has excellent knowledge in all key aspects of this field. His main areas of work included managing the Linux based infrastructures which are driven by a complex puppet setup. The puppet certification enabled him to maintain and enhance this construct in a very helpful way.

Riaan is a very dedicated employee and goes great lengths to ensure optimal results.

Riaan will be leading the system engineering department in our tech centre in Portugal from 2013 on.

Riaan is a highly valued part of our Team of global experts and I would always recommend working with him!

Marc Herbrechter - Rocket Internet Germany

I was impressed by Riaan’s near limitless energy and passion for his
work, and to be completely honest, it was quite infectious. I think I’m still feeling the after effects a year later!

As a Systems Administrator he was dedicated, concise and solution focussed, with a flair for finding simple solutions to apparently difficult problems. He is a clear and direct communicator, and manages to state his arguments in a unambiguous manner. I recommend Riaan as an excellent addition to any organization’s technical team!

Cillier Burger - IOL South Africa

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